Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Fabulous finds {for boys} week 3

Look at these adorable Retro Baby Sneakers Sewing Pattern on Etsy that rocks!  I love the style of these shoes.  They're from a shop called Sweet Pea Pattern.

Link to these shoes here.

Check out this loafer pattern she has too!  Link here.

Next I found this adorable soft, truck plush toy!  Erin over at Lemon Tree Creations takes you through how to make one!

Image Source: Lemon Tree Creations

Last is an older post but it's the neatest variation on Jill's (as in Homemade by Jill) Car Caddy.  Sarah at Create Studio added some slots for crayons & a small notepad to draw/color on.  I picture myself actually being able to get through a shopping trip in peace while my 2 year old calmly colors or plays with cars- ahh.

Image Source: Create Studio

Happy Friday!
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  1. Sweet Pea Patterns are so cute. I made their Jack & Jill Loafer for my youngest. And I saw that truck over at Lemon Tree... so adorable!

  2. Those first shoes are the most adorable thing ever! I want to make them, I wish the twins were not so big already :(

  3. I just started following your blog the other day & I LOVE it.
    I want to make at least 1 of everything you post!!



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