Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Greener Lunch

In 2 days I am leaving behind my husband and children to take a much needed and overdue trip
by. my. self.
to Denver to visit my sister! 
If you can't tell I am so EXCITED! 
I will be giving her this little belated birthday gift. 

I followed this awesome tutorial on A Lemon Squeezy Home.

Then do go along with the lunch sack I made a set of cloth napkins.

To make them I took one flour sack dish towel (from the dollar store) and cut it into 4ths.  Then folded and sewed the edges. Super easy!  I used the decorative stitches on my machine and embroidered her name in 4 different colors.

Don't you {love} the fabric?  It's called Farmdale Orchard Pink by Alexander Henry {love him}!

Notice the bias tape around the edges remember when I made it here?

I seriously can't wait to give it to her!

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  1. I'm so jealous! I want a vacation from my family, too:) Adorable lunch bag. I have some of that fabric, but I haven't used it yet. Those napkins are such a clever idea. Love them! Have a great time!!!

  2. Super cute! I love your header photo by the way.

  3. what a lovely gift! I am sure your sister loved them! thanks for sharing and linking up!



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