Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monthly Onesie Stickers {free download}

I have a friend who is due pretty soon with baby #3.  Her shower is this coming weekend.  When I started thinking about what to get or make her I was a little stumped because this is baby #3, they don't know the sex yet, and they have one of each gender already.  So, there really isn't much she needs.  I think most people are getting her can NEVER have too many of those!  But I wanted to do something more fun and I am so excited to share what I came up with! 

I've seen these on Etsy & thought they were a great idea (secretly wishing I would have done this with both my boys).  Since they needed to be gender neutral and since I already had some images from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (I'm getting ready for my little guys first birthday!) I went with that theme.  The thought crossed my mind to go ahead and adhere these to some onesies but I resisted because babies grow at such different speeds.  Both my boys had doubled their birth weight by 2 months!  So, even though a set of onesies with these images would be more fun to give, I decided to give them as 'sticker's in a drawstring bag with directions on how to apply them when needed. 
I used these to print the images on.  I think the clear version would be better in case you want to stick them on a colored onesie.  I already had the white stickers so that's what I used.

 First, download and print the following images on your sticker paper.
The documents below are for personal use only.  Please use them to make gifts or for your own enjoyment but under no circumstances may you sell these documents. 

Here are the instructions that I put with the gift.  Right click on the image and save to your computer. 
I had the perfect fabric to make a cute little drawstring bag to put all the stickers in and here's how I made it.
1. Cut a piece of fabric 11"x 5"
2. Fold in half with right sides together and sew up both sides.  Stop about 2" from the top on one side to allow a place for the drawstrings.
3. Fold the top down and inch and iron. 
4. Sew 3/4" or sew from the top all the way around.  One side will have the opening for the drawstring.

5. Using a saftely pin feed a piece of ribbon through the opening you left at the top.
6. Cut out all the stickers.
Punch a hole in the instructions, place the stickers in the bag and tie with a cute bow.

You've got a really thoughtful & fun gift!

Enjoy!  Please leave me a comment if you use these- it brightens my day :)

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Traveling with Baby: Feeding Time!

Yesterday I mentioned this blanket clip I made that matches my awesome diaper bag!

When I was creating my packing list I wasn't sure what to do about bringing bibs.  Even though we were only going to be gone for 3 days that's a minimum of 3 bibs a day.  Then the thought of nasty, dirty bibs caked with food in my suitcase- some of them 3 days old- eww!
What about my travel bibs? Again, what to do when they're dirty?  They are good for a dinner out not days of eating out.  I needed something disposable.  Sure, I could have bought some of these.  But I was already rushed for time finishing up my diaper bag and really didn't want to make a half hour trip, hauling 2 kids into a store just for what is basically a napkin! 
My easy fix was to add a couple snaps to the blanket clip & ta da it is now a bib clip!  Attach a napkin from the restaurant.  I threw in a bunch of these disposable changing pad covers (which I actually bought with my first son and still have)!   They can be used for so many things!  I figured besides covering germy changing station surfaces I could use one as a bib if need be! 
Here's my little man modeling one of the multi use pads & blanket clip as a bib.  What I really loved was the size was ample enough to cover his lap.  It seems these days 1/2 his food ends up there!

Here is the clip before snaps... great for keeping a blanket on your child especially in a stroller.  I ended up really needing this because I was not prepared for the cold & rainy weather we had during the graduation!

I added a button set about one inch down from the fold and another 2 inches down.  This gives me more options for how long/short I want it. 

Here is a shot from the underside.  The snaps are kinda hard to see. 

These clips are so easy to make.  There are probably a gazillion tutorials out there so I won't go into too much detail.  I cut 2 strips of fabric 1" wide plus seam allowances and about 14" long. Put the 2 pieces right sides together and sew around 3 sides leaving one open so you can turn it right side out.  Once right side out top stitch 1/8" around all sides closing the end you left open.  Add suspender clips on both ends by folding the fabric over a 1/2" or so and using a triple stitch to make sure it doesn't come apart.  Once done, fold in half and add a set of snaps about 1" and 2" from fold...try it on your child and decide where you want them.
I wish I would have known how great these things were...every mom with young eaters needs one!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Traveling with Baby: Diaper Bag

So, I am just returning from a little trip to Denver for my sister's grad school graduation.  To make this possible, since my husband farms on the side, we each took a kid.  This was my first time ever flying with a child.  Man oh man I learned a lot from this experience.  I thought I'd share my experience starting with this awesome diaper bag I made for the trip. 

I used this pattern from Sew 4 Home with a few changes.  The exterior fabric was Michael Miller Laminate Bicycles Gray.  The interior was a waterproof PUL fabric.  The accent fabric was a blue gingam. 
I would recommend NOT using a laminate fabric because it's a pain!  I could use more words to describe the frustration I had but I'll keep this G rated! 

I added a phone pocket to the chest strap... and I used it a lot!

Here is a close up of the knot where the two straps come together.  This is nice because you can control the length of the strap.

Here's a peek inside the bag.  I loved the swivel key clip...made it easy to not loose my keys.  I also was able to clip a pacifier in this too!

Look at ALL the pockets!  This bag has major storage- great for travel!

The original pattern called for a button closure but I hate buttons so I added a flap and 2 magnetic snaps.  I loved the magnetic snaps but in retrospec I would have just put them along the top edge and not added the less step.  This was the first time using the magnetic snaps and even though they are so easy to install I made the mistake of putting the tabs through all layers.  So to hide the tabs I hot glued some fun orange buttons on them! 

Here I am modeling the bag (on self timer).  You can get an idea of the size...perfect as a carry on!

I made a matching blanket clip that my older son is modeling (ignore the funny's the best I got!).  More on this later.

On a difference note I had to give you a peek at my new tie and belt set!

You can choose from a real tie or tie onesie.  I love this blue gingam!
Here's the link for the listing with the real tie and this is for the tie onesie.

Here's my little man modeling the tie... the best I got with a self timer!  I really need to teach my 2 year old how to use a camera!!

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Photobucket Tip Junkie handmade projects

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Business Card Holder

I made these a few weeks ago following an awesome tutorial on The Crafty Cupboard.  They came together quickly and only used scraps...which I have alot of!

I made this one first, hence why it buttons from the wrong side!  But I love this fabric.  Remember when I made this lunch tote for my sister?

I had these business cards made at Vistaprint FOR FREE.... love that site!  They are such nice quality! 
I use the site to make my kids' birthday invites too.

These can hold quite a few business cards.  I throw this in my diaper bag whenever I leave the house & have been happy I did a few times.  I love making connections when out and about.  I even met a fellow blogger at her garage sale!  I bought a bag of really nice fabric for $1!!!  She has an adorable blog called Creative Cents and it's all about recipes, bargains, crafts, kids.... hmm just my type of place! 
It was so fun exchanging business cards!  She even told me about a craft night held at a local church once a month and was sweet enough to email me the details. 

These two sassy divas were for my two wonderful sisters-in-law.  They both sell Arbonne and I thought they could use something cute to hold their cards in.  The only thing I forgot to do for theirs was use the iron on stabilizer.  I was too excited and got ahead of myself!  I figure the business cards would keep it stiff enough!

I'm working feverishly right now on a couple projects that I will be taking on my trip this weekend to Denver.  One of them uses this awesome fabric that I had bought a while back but didn't have a project in mind.  (It's laminated)

Then I came across this awesome diaper bag tutorial at Sew 4 Home and it was like a light bulb went on.  I hope to finish it today & I will post the finished pictures soon!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Shout Outs

First of all, I want to thank my wonderful husband & sweet boys for a wonderful Mother's Day!

I wanted to give a couple shout outs to two fellow bloggers who were awesome enough to hold giveaways that I was lucky enough to win!  First, is Erin from A Bird and a Bean.  She has an amazing blog with some awesome recipes and crafts!  This is what I won:

Can you see the spoons?  They're plant markers!  Here are some close ups.




She sent 5 today but the other two plants weren't in great shape... I don't have the best green thumb!

The next giveaway I won was from Pat at Unexpected Treasures.   She does a lot of repurposing & made me this 'Mom Saying' frame!

She sent the bus and bird to go on top but I liked them both so I put them both out!

Look how great it goes!

I'm trying to finish up my Lisette dress from Gwenny Penny's sew along from last week.  And by finish up I mean sew the whole thing!  I've cut out the pieces and boy was that overwhelming.  I'm not used to dots and notches and all that technical stuff!  I really want to have it done to wear to my sisters graduation this coming weekend...we'll see!  I bought this fun fabric from Jo Ann's.
I am still undecided if the shape of the dress will even look good on my figure... I kinda feel like it's going to make me look pregnant!  Stay tuned- I'll post pictures when I get it finished.
Have a great Monday!
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brother-Sister sets

So if you haven't noticed I've been MIA lately.  Don't feel bad I'll show you what else I've neglected:

This poor plant- remember how pretty it was in my Mother's Day Photo Plant Wrap?

Look at my sink full of dishes!  

I've just ignored this mess my 10 month old made... because as soon as I pick it up he'll do it again! 

This mountain of laundry...not to mention the state of choas my sewing area is in! 

Making my bed....why we're just going to sleep in it again tonight! 

Well, I wanted to show you a glimpse of what has kept me a little preoccupied besides just being a busy mom with 2 boys & beautiful weather!

I know....I'm supposed to be all about boys! But these are to go WITH my boy's ties! 

Check out the homemade bias tape around the arm holes!

And the ricrac at the bottom...aww!

This fun number would be great for 4th of July! I have ties in the blue or the red...

Again, homemade coordinating bias tape around the arm holes.

This dress has a strip of the blue paisley at the bottom.

I've made friends with my serger... great friends actually.  I love how it looks so professional!

I'm also going to offer coordinating hair boys... yes this is my 10 month old SON modeling the bow!  He gets called a girl all the time- I think it's the curlyish hair!

If you're in love with the idea of your son(s) & daughter(s) coordinating for either a family picture, a wedding, or any other summer event I'd love to make a coordinating dress/tie set for you! 
Email me at bisforboy(at)yahoo(dot)com

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard working, underpaid, and oh so blessed women who get the honor of being called mom.  I love the job & even though some days I think I'm going crazy I won't trade it for the world! 
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