Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Traveling with Baby: Diaper Bag

So, I am just returning from a little trip to Denver for my sister's grad school graduation.  To make this possible, since my husband farms on the side, we each took a kid.  This was my first time ever flying with a child.  Man oh man I learned a lot from this experience.  I thought I'd share my experience starting with this awesome diaper bag I made for the trip. 

I used this pattern from Sew 4 Home with a few changes.  The exterior fabric was Michael Miller Laminate Bicycles Gray.  The interior was a waterproof PUL fabric.  The accent fabric was a blue gingam. 
I would recommend NOT using a laminate fabric because it's a pain!  I could use more words to describe the frustration I had but I'll keep this G rated! 

I added a phone pocket to the chest strap... and I used it a lot!

Here is a close up of the knot where the two straps come together.  This is nice because you can control the length of the strap.

Here's a peek inside the bag.  I loved the swivel key clip...made it easy to not loose my keys.  I also was able to clip a pacifier in this too!

Look at ALL the pockets!  This bag has major storage- great for travel!

The original pattern called for a button closure but I hate buttons so I added a flap and 2 magnetic snaps.  I loved the magnetic snaps but in retrospec I would have just put them along the top edge and not added the flap...one less step.  This was the first time using the magnetic snaps and even though they are so easy to install I made the mistake of putting the tabs through all layers.  So to hide the tabs I hot glued some fun orange buttons on them! 

Here I am modeling the bag (on self timer).  You can get an idea of the size...perfect as a carry on!

I made a matching blanket clip that my older son is modeling (ignore the funny face...it's the best I got!).  More on this later.

On a difference note I had to give you a peek at my new tie and belt set!

You can choose from a real tie or tie onesie.  I love this blue gingam!
Here's the link for the listing with the real tie and this is for the tie onesie.

Here's my little man modeling the tie... the best I got with a self timer!  I really need to teach my 2 year old how to use a camera!!

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  1. LOVE that diaper bag!! Very clever adding the phone pocket to the strap!

  2. The diaper bag is amazing, Erica. Aside from the frustrations with the laminate fabric... the bicycles look awesome!!! Especially against the gingham. The new tie set is adorable, too. Hope you had a good trip :)

  3. great job on the diaper bag...it looks great! working with laminate fabric does sound like it could be a challenge. love the bicycles though! glad you had a fun trip to denver. bet it was different with only 1 kid!

  4. Diaper bag is adorable! Love all the pockets inside. That would just make a cute bag in general:)

  5. So glad you posted this! I am getting ready to fly for the first time ever with my son, and, even though my husband will be with us too, I am getting very nervous about the flight -- having all the right toys and snacks and having them organized so I'm not a mess exploding on the plane... So I will be making one of these because it looks perfect!




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