Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gifts for the girls

I've been working my little tail off with a couple custom orders from my shop & for my sister in law.  My sister in law needed 2 baby shower gifts & I had just the perfect fabric!  I know that I am normally all about boys but I love how this set turned out and wanted to share! If you love it too I am listing it in my shop as well ;)

All wrapped up ready for one special mommy!

love this fabric!  
The set includes one burp cloth, one pacifier clip (notice the ruffles!), and one fold n go bib.

The back of the bib ready to go with a spoon and pack of Wet Ones.

PS- look at these little cuties I made for the boys to put in their Easter baskets.  I used this tutorial at  RevoluzZza.  My 2 year old picked the green buttons for eyes & I don't really like them... but they were super fast and easy so I could always make a new one.
I put little crosses inside the bunny's hearts to remind the boys the real reason we celebrate Easter.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Shout Out

Yesterday I received this cute little bunny in the mail.

I wanted to give a shout out to the Etsy business where I bought it.

I know how hard it is getting your Etsy business noticed.

This little bunny is a natural teething toy made from high quality wood, cut by hand, sanded satin smooth, and finished in a mixture of organic olive oil and beeswax (both of which are non-toxic and completely safe for children and animals).
They have a ton of other wood toys too.  Like this Wee Bicycle Rolling Toy.

I wish I would have seen this Spring Special they have.  If you buy 2 teethers you get free shipping!  Also, buy 3 teethers for a discount.   

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Crafts for Toddler

We've had our fair share of yucky weather lately which means we can't always get outside to play.  So I've been scrounging around for activities to keep my 2.5 year old busy.  I thought I might as well put them as a post in case some of you are in the same predicament!
PS- the crafts I chose had to be made with stuff I already had on hand.

Cotton ball Easter Bunny Craft by Crafts~N~Things for Children

*we did this today & it was a success!

Transparent Eggs by 4 Crazy Kings

Foam Egg Cups by Activity Village

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs by The Active Toddler

How fun are these Easter Bunny Racers by Cafe Mom on The Stir

Again, I love this!  Jelly Bean Bracelet by My Kids Make
(I think I'd have to make it but it would be a big hit!)

When all else fails here's a link to a ton of coloring pages.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Gentleman's Faux Vest Onesie

It's almost Easter and if you're a procrastinator like me then you probably don't have anything for your little guy to wear. Yet. Go grab a onesie that fits your little man & an old skirt or pants from your garage sale pile and let's make a cute little Faux Vest Onesie!   

 I used Dana's flat front pants tutorial to make matching pants but I am not super thrilled at how mine turned out.  I didn't give him enough room in the tush. 

You will also need some paper to make your vest pattern, 2 buttons, a sewing machine, & sewing notions like thread & scissors.

First, take your onesie and fold it in half and draw lines where you see I've marked in red in the first picture above.  Then on the line that was drawn where the middle of the onesie is measure about 3" down from the top.  This will help create the dip in front.  Then use a straightedge and create a 'v' at the bottom & the slant from the shoulder to the mark you made on the middle line.  Now trace around the whole pattern 1/4" for your seam allowance (not pictured) & cut out your pattern. 

Cut out 2 of your pattern from the outside fabric & 2 of an interior fabric (I used an old button down shirt).  Remember the the pieces need to be mirror images so flip your pattern upside down for one side.
Then pin right sides together.Sew along all sides except the top shoulder area.  That will be kept open to turn this rightside out.

Sew along all sides except the top shoulder area.  That will be kept open to turn this rightside out. Clip all the corners & turn rightside out.  Press with an iron then topsitch 1/8" along all sides except the shoulder area.  I also did not topstich along the side that will be sewed along the side seam.

Now, match the side seams in the onesie.  Pin the outside edge of each vest piece along the side seams leaving about 3/4" below the arm pit.  Sew along the sides making sure to backstitch at the top & bottom.  The third picture is what it should look like now.

Now flip the top part on the shoulder back.  Then pin & sew the shoulder section on the vest so that the seam will be hidden under the top flap.  Before sewing make sure both sides match.

Measure and mark where you want your buttons to go. I overlapped the 2 sides slightly.  Then sew your buttons through both sides so that they will stay closed. 

You're all done & your little man now has something spiffy to wear on Easter or just out on the town ;)


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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fabulous Finds {for boys} all dressed up for Easter!

Since many little guys will be getting all dressed up for Easter in a week I thought I'd devote today to anything a little fellow would need to get dressed up!

DIY Toddler Tie from Finding My Aloha

Vehicle cufflinks by Etsy shop DaRosa

Boy's Pea Coat by Lili Ash

Little Mister Bow Tie by Delia Creates

Another Bow Tie that's adjustable by Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business

Church Waders from Lil Blue Boo pattern from Sew a Straight Line

Slim Slacks by This Mama Makes Stuff

Of course I have to include Dana's Flat Front Pants by Made

Another one from Make It and Love It, Little Boy Suspenders

Pants with Suspenders by Max California

Good Looking Pants by Sewing in No Mans Land
(even though she made these for her daughter I think they'd be totally adorable on boys too!)

Happy Friday everyone!  I am off to hit up some yard sales!  Love this time of year :)
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