Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

I'm over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy today sharing my Fabric Stamping tutorial.  Stop on over!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fabric Pumpkin Guest Post

The other day when I posted about needing some guest bloggers, Chelsea from One Hot Crafty-Mama volunteered to help me out.  She has a really cute pumpkin tutorial to share with you today.   Thanks Chelsea!

Hello!!  I'm Chelsea from One Hot Crafty-Mama.  I was trying to come up with something easy and fun to do for the fall then I remembered some pumpkins that my mom had made when I was younger.  Going off of that memory this is what I came up with, I would love for you to check out how to make them.

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you some pictures of fabric pumpkins I made and I promised a tutorial on how to make them.  Here it is finally!!!  These are really simple and you can make whatever size you want.

Materials needed:

scrap fabric (the body of your pumpkin)
a even smaller scrap of fabric (your stem)
pillow filler or a couple of grocery bags
embroidery floss and a large needle
thread and a regular needle

I wanted to make a bigger pumpkin this time. So I used about a half of a fat quarter.

Then I cut out a circle, you can trace something or just free hand it like I did.

Using the needle and thread I ran the thread around the edge of the circle and then tightened it creating a pouch. *Note: be careful to not allow the thread to go all the way through the what you just stitched.

Open the hole up a little bit and add your filler.  I didn't have any pillow filler so I stuffed a couple of grocery bags in there and it worked great!!

Then tie your hole close.

Now using your big needle and the floss, start your needle on the bottom of your pouch and push it up through the middle, don't let the floss go through completely bring the end of the floss around the outside of the pouch and tie it off in the middle.   *Note:  I used all the threads of the floss on this pumpkin on the others I used 4 of the threads.

Go around your pumpkin starting at the bottom up through the middle, to the top and then around the outside back to the bottom (I hope that makes sense), continue at spacing the thread how you want to.

This is what the bottom of mine looks like.
Here is the top.  Tie off the floss I used the same spot that I started with. Now set it aside for a moment.

Now using your smaller piece of scrap create and strip.  However wide or long is up to the side of your pumpkin and how big you want the stem to be.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the right sides together.  Now either use your machine if its handy or hand sew the long sides together. Then flip the fabric outside out and sew the bottom together.

Now its time to attach the stem to the top.  If you are making small pumpkins its easier to just hot glue the stems on otherwise sew it on. 

Now enjoy your pumpkin!!!

Thanks again Chelsea, I love this & need to make some!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guest Bloggers Wanted

If you've seen my last couple post you already know how super busy I've been with my Etsy shop.  I thought I'd put out a feeler to see if anyone would be interested in doing a guest post here.  Maybe something fall or Halloween related.  I've got all these great new ideas but NO extra time to try them out let alone blog about them.  Once I get through Halloween though I'll be able to breath again!  If you're interested please email me at bisforboy(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toddler Hoodie Pattern

Last spring I purchased  The Reversible Zippy Hoodie pattern UNISEX.  I started it as a spring jacket for my older boy who was 2 1/2 at the time.  Well fast forward 6 months and voila!

I now have a fall jacket for my younger son!  I went to put it on the older one and it was way too small for a jacket!  He could probably wear it as a shirt if it didn't have a zipper.  Luckily the cuffs fold up so it works perfect for the little guy! 

Check out the fancy posing! 

I lined it with a grey flannel so it's warm but not too warm- perfect for fall!

Don't look too close or you'll notice small imperfections like how the bottom trim doesn't line up perfectly.  Oh well.  I loved the pattern.  It came together fairly easily.  It's not a beginner pattern, though. 

Now that I'm finished I want to make a couple more... when I find some time!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Owls, Bats, and Birds, OH MY!

Good gracious I have been working my fingers to the bone!  Remember when I posted about this Owl Costume that I added to my shop? 

Well it has been a hit!  At customer requests I have done a couple different versions of the Owl. 

Version 1: Bat Costume

Version 2: Red Angry Birds Costume
*On Etsy it's called Red Bird Costume because there's a copyright on the name and I don't want to get in trouble. 

Angry Birds Blue and Yellow coming soon!

I've got a couple tutorials I'm working on but I've spent every minute of nap times, early mornings, and evenings after kids are asleep working on costumes!  I am loving the feeling of success but it sure does wear me out! 
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Project Run & Play {for the boys!}


I don't know how many of you follow Project Run & Play but this week is for the boys!  I was so excited to check out the awesome BOYS looks!  There was definitely an aviator theme going.  Here's a peak at the looks that were created. 

You should go vote on your favorite look!  It was a really hard decision for me!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flat Iron Case {knock off} Tutorial

So the other day I went to a home party at my sister in law's house for Thirty-One Gifts.  They have the cutest products! But the whole time I couldn't help thinking 'I could make that!'  Especially when I saw these adorable hot iron cases. (Picture from their fall catalog (image source))

Look how simple!  But what a great Christmas gift...yeah I know, we still have Halloween & Thanksgiving to get through but let me tell you there's nothing worse than waiting till the last minute to make Christmas gifts.  It creates way too much unneeded stress!

Here's my fairly easy Hot Iron Case Tutorial:

Exterior Fabric (I used a laminated cotton)
Batting (could use Insul-bright)
Heat resistant interior fabric (I used something like this)
Coordinating Piping (optional)
2" Velcro

First, cut your fabric.  You'll need the following:
18"x6" rectangle from exterior,  interior, and batting
14 1/2" x 6" rectagle of exterior, interior, and batting

Find a round object in your house to give the short ends a curve.  On your shorted (pocket) piece leave one end straight.

Take exterior and interior short pieces and pin them right sides together along one of the short ends.  Sew along this end.

Now open and lay this piece flat.  Take the short piece of batting and lay it along one of the pieces of fabric (I chose the interior fabric).  Then bring the exterior fabric over, sandwiching the batthing.  Pin the short end where you sewed before.

Topstich along this short side.  If you are using a laminated fabric then use a nonstick foot on your machine.  (My machine came with one).  Baste around the rest of this shorted piece & add velcro about an inch or so from the top.  I did not and had to hand stich it on later so I don't have a picture. 

Adding the piping: *this makes the project more intermediate if you want an easier version I will post another tutorial showing you how.

Start with the large piece of exterior fabric.  I started in the bottom corner and pinned the piping (with the rough edge facing out) around the whole piece.  At the corners I cut little notches so it would curve better.   

Here you can see where I began and ended.

Baste this in place.

Now take the shorter (pocket) piece and lay it on top of the piece you just sewed the piping on.  Make sure the exterior fabrics are facing each other.  Line up the bottom edges, you should have about 3" above the top of the pocket piece. 

Pin in place.  Tip:  If using a laminated fabric pin along your sewing line so that you don't leave holes in the fabric.

Sew in place leaving a 3-4" opening toward the top of one side.  It's important that you feel for the piping making sure to get your seam pretty close to it.  You can peak inside as your going to see where you need to sew close.  Take your large piece of batting and baste it on to one side of your project. 

Now carefully turn it rightside out.  I started at the top, then fold it down.  Make sure to keep the pocket to one side as you turn. 

Now pin your opening closed and topstich around the whole thing.  I used my nonstick foot and largest stitch my machine does (5mm).   
Add velcro to your flap, making sure it lines up with the piece you sewed on earlier.

Now your project is complete! 

Make one for yourself or to give away!  While you're at it make a matching makeup bag!

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