Thursday, May 3, 2012

20 Minute Toddler Backpack

When this project came to me it was one of those 'duh! why hadn't I thought of this before!' moments.  My preschooler needed an extra set of sheets. I bought a really cute set at Target (one of my favorite stores!).  It matches all the colors in his quilt that I bought there a couple years ago!  
This 20 Minute Toddler Backpack starts with the bag that the sheet set comes in.  I've always hated throwing these out! 
You will also need (2) 16" pieces of nylon webbing for the straps and a 6" piece for the loop at the top, and a 9" piece of 1/4" elastic.

Take the bag and using a disappearing ink pen mark a line across the bottom (between the 2 corners- there isn't a seam otherwise I'd use that) and then mark one inch in from the outer corner.  This is where we'll place the straps

Then, again, mark a line across the top where the flap starts.  Make a mark in the center then 2 marks, each a half inch out from the center.  These will be where the tops of the straps end up.  Next, cut Nylon Webbing {2 pieces 16" long and 1 piece 6" long). Use a lighter or match to melt the ends of the webbing so they don't fray.  Hold the flame close but do not touch the end of the webbing or it will burn. 
Pin the shorter piece under the longer straps making sure to line them up with the marks you made.  They will end up being 1" apart.  

Then pin the bottom of the straps inline with the marks at the bottom.  

I used a heavy duty needle (after my 'universal' needle was bent trying to get through the layers of webbing)  if you go slow you may be able to avoid buying the extra needles- I happen to have them already.  The second picture shows how I stitched the straps on- doing the box with an X through it.  Make sure to cut the tag off the side!

Last, grab your piece of elastic and thread it through the casing already made.  Then secure each end in place with plenty of stitches- I went back and forth a few times.
Voila!  In 20 minutes (maybe less) you will have the cutest little backpack ready to go.  
Load it up with 'treasures' :

and stick it on a little one's back!  

This backpack, when done for a girl, would be perfect for a dance outfit or tapshoes but in my house backpacks are referred to as 'rescue packs' yeah, we're into Diego right now!  
Enjoy- and look you still have plenty of time left if your kids are napping to make a cup of something and relax!  

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainy days, new puppy, and busy life!

Hello there, I know I've been a stranger for the last couple months! There is no concrete reason, just that life got busy as my boys are getting older and busier! I have not stayed away for lack of ideas or sewing. I have actually been sewing a lot! But with 2 busy boys the only time I have is during their nap time which I spend sewing, cleaning, reading...anything but blogging! So I thought I'd pop on here to say 'I'm still alive' and life is good but I just dont know how much of my life I can commit to blogging. I am not done but I think you'll see a shift in what I'll be blogging about. Probably less of the long step by step sewing tutorials and more quick, simple projects mixed in with preschooler/ toddler stuff... Leaving it vague since it will be whatever tickles my fancy! Before I post any new stuff I do have some maintain acne issues with my blog like all the spam comments I get and a few documents that haven't been accessible due to changes in the hosting sight.

I'll leave you with some photos of the boys playing in some puddles left by a couple days worth of storm that we had earlier this week.  

Oh, and here is the newest addition to our family.

believe it or not, she is still a "puppy"!  We got her back in January and she has gotten SO big!  Her energy matches the boys' so she's a great addition (overlooking the chewing!).  

Here she is on my husband's lap the day we got her!

I'd love to hear how you entertain kids on a rainy day- please leave a comment :)


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