Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Break

Hi there!  Some of you may be wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth!  No, I've just taken an unofficial 'summer break' from blogging.  This wasn't came about when my computer started acting up.  My computer needed a new hard drive, screen, and keyboard... most of us would think 'just get a new computer' but it must be the farmer in my husband who wants to fix things to death.  So here I sit with a computer that has a new hard drive and still needs everything else!  He glued the missing keys back the way it's easier just leaving them off because now I have to hit them just right to work.  I have a large black spot in the bottom left corner which I've been able to work around.  The cherry on top of my computer problems is that our internet doesn't like to keep a connection...depending on the day.  We finally have an appointment and the guy should be 'fixing' it today! 
With all the fun things to do during the summer I have had a hard time wanting to try and fumble through posting to my blog.  I figure I'd just give myself a summer break and get back into the swing of things late Augustish. 
PS- I have really enjoyed keeping a clean craft room which doesn't happen when I'm doing projects 2-3 times a week!  I do have pictures from my little guys first birthday to post...when I get a chance! 
PPS- Soon I may be without a camera too!  It needs to be sent off to get fixed which may take up to 6 weeks! It seems like everything in my life right now is breaking down!  The computer/internet, my camera, and's really frustrating!

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