Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get ready, Get set, it's go time!

It's that time again... Back to School!  I think it must get people in the mood for fall and you know what  that means... Halloween will soon be here!  I have been busy readying myself for the hectic costume season.  Last year was my first year of sewing/selling costumes on Etsy and I kinda fell into it.  A sweet costumer approached me with a special request for a boyish Owl Costume similar to the one Pottery Barn makes. I had so much fun creating the costume for her but after all the extra  (read unpaid) time I put into the design I thought well maybe I could sell 'a couple' more!  HAH!  I was so much busier than I had ever imagined!  I had a couple other costumers request different 'versions' of the owl and thus the BAT & Angry Bird Costumes were born!  Looking back, from September 9th to October 14th, I sewed 60 costumes!  I literally did not want to see my machine until after Christmas!  This year I am going to pace myself more and not take as many orders.  My kids a little bigger and take shorter naps so I won't have as much time to squeeze the sewing into my day.

The other day I was able to do a fun photo shoot with my good friend's little girl and her little friend and friend's sister. My vision was Woodland Tea Party- I know, it sounds amazing doesn't it!  Here are some shots I got! {I have to live vicariously through my friend's with little girls}

I am going to be offering the purple and black tutu as an add on in my shop.  Bat Costume can be found here.

and this brown ruffle dress too

I love this grey hooded owl!  Do you see the grey ruffle diaper cover?  This will also be offered as an add on.

The girls were such troopers.  You'd never believe it was in the 90s the day we shot these!  

A few weeks later, after a bad storm, one of our trees just tipped over.  The roots were still in the ground!  I told my husband to wait to cut it down (those who know him know how efficient he is ;-)) it was the perfect place to 'perch' my owl for some photos.  Then a couple days later we had a beautiful overcast cool day and using some bribery I was able to dress my 4 year old in the Owl Costume and he did great modeling for me.  I think he had fun climbing through the tree!  

I love the little vest I made to go under the cape.  You can't tell from the photos but it is slightly shimmery... in a very masculine way ;-)  It also has specks of turquoise. I may offer this as an add on... but I don't have much of the fabric left and for the life of me I can't find more!  

I hope you enjoyed this little preview of what I've been busy working on for my shop.  As always I love feedback!  

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