Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Haul out the Holly Tutorial {Santa Pennant Garland}

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Hello there & welcome if you're visiting from Gwenny Penny! 
I was so honored when Gwen asked me to participate in Haul out the Holly this year! 
It honestly didn't take me very long to come up with this idea. I was preparing for my first craft fair around the time she asked me to participate and I had pennants on my mind.... thus:

Santa Pennant Garland!

Let's get started!

1/4 yd red flannel
1/4 yd white or cream flannel
desired length of 1" black satin ribbon (3-4 yds)
coordinating thread
spring loaded scissors (not required but recommended)
cardstock and marker

Let's make our triangle pattern:

1. draw a 5" line which will be the top of the triangle
2. draw a 5" line perpendicular to the first line (creating a T)
3. connect the lines to form your triangle

Cut out your pattern and grab your rotary cutter and we'll cut out our fabric.

I folded my fabric and cut 4 layers at a time.  You need 2 triangles of each color for each finished pennant.  The number depends on how long you are making your garland.

Now lets layer our pennants. 
Bottom layer- red
2 middle layers- white
Top layer- red

Pin your layers together. You should have a stack ready to head to your machine.


Sew along the 2 sides using a 3/4" seam allowance (mine fluctuated between 1/2"-3/4" but in the end you won't notice if they aren't perfect).

Grab those spring loaded scissors (great if you do rag quilting... which is why I bought them... still haven't made a rag quilt yet though! haha)

Start snipping 1/4" segments along both sides of each triangle.  Leave the top uncut & do not cross the line you sewed.

I went ahead and sprayed it down with water and threw it in the dryer to shrink it.

Now we'll add the ribbon along the top.  Leave a tail of 6" before your first triangle.  I just folded the ribbon over the top of the triangle and pinned it in place. I did not leave any space between each triangle.

I started sewing at the first triangle making sure to backstitch (at the end too) so it wouldn't come unraveled. 

Now I threw it in the washing machine to really get it to fluff up.  You might want to do this a couple times... the more the merrier!

Isn't it lovely on my banister?

I thought I'd try it on our large front window... tried taking a picture of the whole window but the light outside was playing tricks on my camera! 

Oh, and you might be wondering where the bow came from.  When I went to unwind my ribbon off the spool it was in 2 pieces so this is how I remedied it... I really like the bow!

Thanks Gwen for allowing me to participate in your 2nd annual Haul Out the Holly series! 

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  1. This is so cute, Erica! Really clever idea using the rag quilt technique for pennants. And great tip on the spring loaded scissors. Thanks so much for being a part of Haul Out the Holly :)

  2. Very cute, and it does look lovely on your bannister!

  3. Love the black, white and red combination. Très Santa chic!




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