Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Jammies for the Boys

I have wanted to make Christmas jammies for my boys since last year.  I don't know how but I came across a link to Melly Sews and she had posted about how to use her blazer pattern and make it into pjs... I was in!  I had bookmarked the free pattern over at Sewing in No Man's Land but it is only in one size and my brain is pretty fried right now... I didn't want to deal with trying to resize.  I purchased the pattern right away and within hours was making jammies #1 for my 3 year old.  (I had purchased fabric already....I told you this was on my to do list for a while!)

Ok, I don't know how many of you are like me- the first attempt at a pattern or project is always slewn with mistakes!  First of all I probably should have gone a size smaller because my kid is a string bean... but tall so I made him a size 4... it kinda hangs off him.  Oh well!  The major mistake that really bugs me is that I cut the pants wrong!  The pattern is going the opposite direction as the top.  More importantly than the look is that the stretch is wrong!  Luckily I made them big enough that they still work! 
I often have to tell myself to

All this boy has asked for from Santa is a "long, long choo choo train"! 
I'm not sure what he calls the gazillion of tracks and trains on his train table! 
He got this really nice wooden train on Saturday at a family Christmas party...see the little wooden logs!  He calls them Jobi wood (all of you that are familiar with Thomas the Train will know what that is!)

...and the train is off! 

This train was handmade locally and my mother in law found out about him and hunted him down to get this train!  I've seen similar ones on Etsy.

I added the ric-rac at the bottom and am torn whether it looks 'gingerbread boy-ish' or just plain girly! 

Ok, so the 2nd pair for my husky 17 month old turned out pretty well!  Remembering how big the first pair was I did slim down the pattern a bit (not too much since he is still a little husky).

I decided not to do the trim and just the ric-rac along the collar and really like it! 

I added a cuff at the bottom with some more ric-rac.  I had about 2" left otherwise I would have liked to put it around the wrists. 

He is following in his brother's footsteps and also loves his choo choos!

I just want to squeeze those cheeks!

Even though 99% of the time they are both annoying each other, deep down I know they love each other!

I just finished their major gift yesterday and will try to take some pictures during naptime today to put up here!  It turned out amazing!
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  1. SUPER cute pajamas!! I, too, always want to make them pajamas at Christmas time... but I never get around to it. And now I have a daughter to add to the bunch, so that opens up a lot of ideas! Anyway, I love those! And I immediately thought "gingerbread man", not girl. :)

  2. Those turned out adorably! I am going to link back to these on my pattern page.

  3. Adorable, Erica! Great work :) Hope you had a great Christmas and are enjoying the new year.

  4. Love these! I had always hoped to make Christmas pj's for my girls. I loved the red set with the pants going a different direction.

  5. "I often have to tell myself to LET GO OF PERFECTION!"
    I hear ya! If not, projects never get completed! Those pj's are adorable! Great job. Thanks for entering my Pattern Giveaway! Good luck!



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