Monday, September 12, 2011

Toddler Backpack

My older son started preschool about a month ago (he's not even 3 yet... but will be Wednesday!) but he needed some social interaction and his brother and I needed some time without him!  I was not one of those moms that cried about her kid going to school, maybe because it's 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours so he isn't gone much.  I might cry when he goes to kindergarten.  Anyway, he didn't need much to transport the one or two papers he'd be bringing home each time or the occasional show & tell items.  I came across the perfect toddler backpack tutorial (that's free!) at That Crafty Mrs. V.  I let Kellen choose the main fabric and I chose the compliment fabrics.  Here's how it turned out:

I finally figured out the embroidery function on my sewing machine (that I got in January for my birthday!) and put his name on the front. 

Love the inside!  I really wanted to use this where I put the blue but didn't think his name would stand out as much.  I added the orange polka dot here and there for visual interest. 

I think the orange piping adds so much detail!  Overall I am very happy how this turned out!  I really wanted to add a side pocket with elastic so he could put a sippy cup or bottle of water but I got caught up in the excitement when making it and forgot!  I don't think it'd be hard, though.

Ok, so I started compiling a bunch of links to other toddler backpacks for you them I came across this link which has done all the work and had most of the ones I found anyway.   

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  1. Your backpack looks fantastic! :)

  2. How awesome! The polka dot straps make me smile.

  3. Cute backpack. I love the fabrics... especially those polka dots. Great job!

  4. Love this idea! I would love for you to share it on my link party this Friday at

  5. Such a cute backpack! I love the bright orange piping - it makes it look so professional!
    Thanks so much for linking it up at! Looking forward to seeing more from you :)



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