Monday, May 9, 2011

Shout Outs

First of all, I want to thank my wonderful husband & sweet boys for a wonderful Mother's Day!

I wanted to give a couple shout outs to two fellow bloggers who were awesome enough to hold giveaways that I was lucky enough to win!  First, is Erin from A Bird and a Bean.  She has an amazing blog with some awesome recipes and crafts!  This is what I won:

Can you see the spoons?  They're plant markers!  Here are some close ups.




She sent 5 today but the other two plants weren't in great shape... I don't have the best green thumb!

The next giveaway I won was from Pat at Unexpected Treasures.   She does a lot of repurposing & made me this 'Mom Saying' frame!

She sent the bus and bird to go on top but I liked them both so I put them both out!

Look how great it goes!

I'm trying to finish up my Lisette dress from Gwenny Penny's sew along from last week.  And by finish up I mean sew the whole thing!  I've cut out the pieces and boy was that overwhelming.  I'm not used to dots and notches and all that technical stuff!  I really want to have it done to wear to my sisters graduation this coming weekend...we'll see!  I bought this fun fabric from Jo Ann's.
I am still undecided if the shape of the dress will even look good on my figure... I kinda feel like it's going to make me look pregnant!  Stay tuned- I'll post pictures when I get it finished.
Have a great Monday!
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  1. Love the plant markers! Lucky you! I honestly found the cutting out to be the most time-consuming part of the Portfolio dress. I think you'll be able to get it done. As for the fit of the dress, Chris did some taking in, and if you check out the Flickr pool, a couple of others did, too, so it's easy to make adjustments. I probably should on mine, too. Cute fabric!

  2. I love the spoons!!! So cute. What a great idea! Oh- and I just wanted to warn you that both mint and rosemary will take over your entire garden- and are IMPOSSIBLE to kill! I have mint coming up from last year... in the middle of my grass, yards away from the herb bed... I have heard that rosemary will do that too. Just a heads-up!!

    (But think of all of the wonderful mint juleps and mojitos at my parties all summer!!! haha)

  3. Thanks so so much for the shout out!! I'm glad you liked the spoons. :)

  4. Just found your blog. Came across the spoons for plant markers, what a great idea! Just a tip, about the plants spreading, transplant to a bigger plastic pot and plant pot and all in ground. The pot keeps the roots from spreading. Keep plants watered as needed, also when the pot fills up with roots, the plants can be divided and given as gifts for friends and family!! Include a spoon with the pot!

  5. The payment one makes in order to ride a bus is spelled "fare"... I'm sorry, but spelling and grammar errors really drive me nuts! Perhaps the saying should have finished with "Fair is where one goes to ride the ferris wheel and eat cotton candy!"



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