Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Traveling with Baby: Feeding Time!

Yesterday I mentioned this blanket clip I made that matches my awesome diaper bag!

When I was creating my packing list I wasn't sure what to do about bringing bibs.  Even though we were only going to be gone for 3 days that's a minimum of 3 bibs a day.  Then the thought of nasty, dirty bibs caked with food in my suitcase- some of them 3 days old- eww!
What about my travel bibs? Again, what to do when they're dirty?  They are good for a dinner out not days of eating out.  I needed something disposable.  Sure, I could have bought some of these.  But I was already rushed for time finishing up my diaper bag and really didn't want to make a half hour trip, hauling 2 kids into a store just for what is basically a napkin! 
My easy fix was to add a couple snaps to the blanket clip & ta da it is now a bib clip!  Attach a napkin from the restaurant.  I threw in a bunch of these disposable changing pad covers (which I actually bought with my first son and still have)!   They can be used for so many things!  I figured besides covering germy changing station surfaces I could use one as a bib if need be! 
Here's my little man modeling one of the multi use pads & blanket clip as a bib.  What I really loved was the size was ample enough to cover his lap.  It seems these days 1/2 his food ends up there!

Here is the clip before snaps... great for keeping a blanket on your child especially in a stroller.  I ended up really needing this because I was not prepared for the cold & rainy weather we had during the graduation!

I added a button set about one inch down from the fold and another 2 inches down.  This gives me more options for how long/short I want it. 

Here is a shot from the underside.  The snaps are kinda hard to see. 

These clips are so easy to make.  There are probably a gazillion tutorials out there so I won't go into too much detail.  I cut 2 strips of fabric 1" wide plus seam allowances and about 14" long. Put the 2 pieces right sides together and sew around 3 sides leaving one open so you can turn it right side out.  Once right side out top stitch 1/8" around all sides closing the end you left open.  Add suspender clips on both ends by folding the fabric over a 1/2" or so and using a triple stitch to make sure it doesn't come apart.  Once done, fold in half and add a set of snaps about 1" and 2" from fold...try it on your child and decide where you want them.
I wish I would have known how great these things were...every mom with young eaters needs one!
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  1. Cute idea, Erica, and I love that it matches the diaper bag.



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