Thursday, March 10, 2011

Easy Totebag {for less than $5!} from repurposed pants!

Repurposing old, hole-y (not holy!) jeans into fun little totes perfect for books or teddy bears!

For help with boxing corners see here.

This is a simple bag that really doesn't require much additional fabric aside from the old jeans.

Add a couple more details like a lining & freezer stenciling and you can have a bag like this.  Notice the bow tie- I thought it's be a neat touch but it ended up looking a little too girlie!  I was trying to hide a little fabric paint that went astray!

This tutorial is coming soon.




  1. This is super cute and I love the simplicity! I've been seeing quite a few denim projects lately it seems. Thanks for sharing... I enjoy stopping by your blog each day!

  2. Super cute and fun idea... love it! The little pocket with the cars on it is adorable:)

  3. Very cute! These would make excellent reusable gift bags, too.

  4. I always have lots of jeans around - this is really cute! Thanks for sharing.

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