Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bucket List Project #3: Dish Mats

My third project was supposed to be molded crayons.  Well, I ordered some super cute candy molds to use but they still haven't arrived so in it's place I decided to make myself some dish mats.  Our dishwasher is as old as our house (which isn't that old in house years but really old in dishwasher years).  We are trying to make it work a little longer before we dish out the money for a new one!  So, in the mean time the counter above the dishwasher looks like this:

Where I put all the dishes I rewashed, or washed instead of waiting all day for the dishwasher to decide to finish washing one load.  Oh, and there's always those pots & pans that need to be hand washed. 

I originally was going to follow this cute tutorial over at Toad's Treasures but I was too lazy  busy and wanted something quicker... you never know how long nap time is going to be with 2 kids!

So, this is what I ended up doing.

Gather up the following supplies

First, spray the back of the terri cloth hand towel.  Wait about 5 minutes (refer to directions on spray can).
 Lay flannel fabric face down on work surface and carefully lay the terri cloth hand towel with sticky side down ontop of flannel.  I started at one end, smoothing out wrinkles as you go.
Cut the edges off the short side...makes the next step easier.
Not pictured, I surged around the edges.  If you do not have a serger I would recommend using bias tape as an easy way to finish the edges. 

Here are my fnished products...which took me no longer than a half hour for 3!

And here's my dish area with my new dish mat! 

These are super absorbant! 

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  1. Cute and simple, I love it! We have an ugly store-bought one servicing us now. Never thought to make my own cute version!

  2. I will put this on my to sew list!!! These would make quick gifts as well! at least I know some ppl that would like them!

  3. Those are cute! I've never heard of Basting Spray. (I'm also not much of a sewer) Could you make these without it? And I'm pretty lazy, so I think I'd even skip the binding tape on the edges...unless I was making them as a present for someone. OOOO, you may have just given me next year's Christmas present idea! Thanks :)

  4. Awesome shortcut, Erica. I have a store-bought dish mat that my mother bought me, but I've been meaning to make my own ever since I saw one on 33 Shades of Green. I love the flannels you chose.

  5. Looks simple and they turned out very cute! Found your blog via Pinterest and happy I did!

  6. I had no idea basting spray! I think it may just be my new favorite thing!!

    Your towels turned out super cute!

    PS I 1st tutorial was way to time intensive! Now just leave shabby edges all around...;)

  7. Okay, sooo cute!! I took (stole) your idea, and took it to another place... the floor. I got out our puffy fabric paint, and let the kids decorate the cheap cotton (leftover from some other project) fabric that I used instead of the flannel. We put them in our doorways that lead to the yard so that when the kids come in post-sprinkler, they can use them to sop up the watery mess. Sort of like door mats that can go in the washer! Love them. Thanks for getting my creativity going! And great tutorial.

  8. Oh, the puffy paint makes them skid-free, so no one slips. I forgot to mention that...

  9. These are really pretty! So much nicer than my plastic dish drainer!

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