Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bucket List Project #2: Fused Bags

Ok, so I thought I already posted this on Saturday... I had it scheduled, at least I thought I did.  When I went in to blogger today I noticed it still said sorry!  I really was sticking to my schedule.

 For my second Bucket List project I made this cute little basket

from my abundant collection of Target bags that I've been collecting just for this project!

For fusing techniques I referred to this post and this post.

Here's how I made this little basket.  I took my sheets of fused plastic bags and cut them into 1" strips the length of the bags.   I chose to use 2 different colored fused plastic.

You'll have a pile of 1" strips.  You'll need a total of 12.

Now take 8 strips weaving them together to form the base for the basket.

Here comes the tricky part.   Start by bending the sides up to help hold the woven middle area together. 
Then using a little hot glue to hold the strip in place & bending at each corner, weave your bottom strip.

Once all the way around, glue the strip in the same place you started it.

Repeat this for 3 more strips. To finish the top, fold down the ends of the upright spokes and tuck them into or fold them under the weaving beneath.  I used a little hot glue to hold the top row of weaving together where needed. 

Now you have a very useful little basket...and the bags you used are not sitting in a landfill.  Win-Win!

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  1. Cute basket! I've been wanting to try fusing shopping bags together. Was it easy?



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