Saturday, February 19, 2011

Travel Bib Version 2

Yesterday I posted about my decision to design a travel bib for my baby boy.  You can see version 1 here.
Today I am going to show you Version 2 which kinda reminds me of those raincoats that fold up into a bag that I remember having as a kid.  Here are some views of it out of the bag.  The front is a laminated vinyl (I need to find a boy print!  This fabric was left over from some Christmas projects I made.

Here is how it works:

There is plenty of room in the bag to add spoon, wipes (these are the individual packets), and babyfood (not pictured).


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  1. Another great idea, Erica! I love that it's all one piece that can be bagged up, dirty and all. So clever!

  2. This is fantastic! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. This is genius! Such a great idea! This would be awesome for on-the-go families. You can pack everything you need for mealtime in one little bag.

  4. Just found your blog! Super excited. Have a brand new grandson and this will be a wonderful addition! Anxious to see your creations!

  5. As a male with NO kid experience I thought the first one was a better design. Then I read the first comment here that said it was nice to be able to be bagged up dirty and thought that made sense. Still you could always wipe it down and fold it up. I guess being that BOTH designs are clever, the question would be which is more practicle: (1) where alll you need is conveniently located or (2) having a bag to put everything back into. I think a bag in a bag is one bag too many....BUT this is a unmarried guy's perspective. All in all, good designs, good tutorials and I would be curious which you decide to use.



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