Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do you like my new header?

I actually took this picture in the fall but never got around to putting it in my header until today...yeah the snowstorm has given me some extra time!  Mandy over at Mandipidy has a great tutorial that I followed.  I want to point out one thing that I figured out that was driving me crazy about my previous blog header. 
After resizing my picture to 950px using picresize I was noticing this:

see the extra white on the right of the image?  My previous header did the same thing.  Here's how to fix it.  Open Blogger and go to the Design tab.

Then click on the Template Designer.

On the left hand side click on the Adjust Widths tab.

Where it says Entire Blog you want to change the pixel number.  What I found to work is 20 more than the pixel size I resized my picture to on the picresize website.

Make sure you click Apply to Blog and you are done.  Here is my new header:

I hope that this will help someone!




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