Thursday, February 17, 2011

Travel Bib Version 1

Today, in my neck of the woods it's 62 degrees & beau-tee-ful!  We were able to play in the yard & I even cleaned out my car (much, much over due!).  All of this has put me in a good mood!  Let me share a couple travel bibs I've created. 
Now that my baby is on solids it seems like every time we are going to be away from home during meal time I am packing a little travel bag like this :

There's a bib, washcloth, spoon, & usually a container of babyfood.

Well, I feel so wasteful throwing those bags away and thought I'm sure I can make something that would hold all of this & that can be washed & reused!
So, here is what I've come up with so far.
Version 1- Fold n Go Bib:

I had seen this idea somewhere but am not totally in love with how loose the snap closure is.  I am thinking about revising it & doing something with velcro. Overall I think it turned out great, though.

There are pockets on the back of the bib that hold a spoon/ fork, wet wipes, the middle pocket can even hold a container of baby food.

Version 2  here.

Would you like to make one of these?  Here is my tutorial. Would you like me to make one for you?  Email me at bisforboy(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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  1. Erica, this is fabulous--seriously cool! Will you do a pattern/tutorial?

  2. AWESOME!!! Same question as Erin - pattern and tutorial? Please? ;) I would love to make some for my little nephew.

  3. Erica you clever girl! I love finding out ideas for baby gifts. I have a tutorial on making burp cloth under 25 minutes on my blog today
    Your idea of the travel assortment is another very clever idea.

  4. This is amazing, you have to mass produce this and sell them. Really great!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have a little guy too so looking fwd to following and getting to know you better in blog land!

  5. OK- brilliant! Seriously...
    Rochelle @

  6. Fabulous idea!! Patent this idea fast!! This would be great gifts too.

  7. Wow, I really love this! Please share how you made it. ;)
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. That is a fabulous idea! Awesome job. Thanks for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party!

  9. Awesome! Love this idea, very handy for mums. Looking forward to the tutorial!

  10. That's awesome! You did a fabulous job!!

  11. Fantastic idea, Erica. I LOVE that polka dot fabric. And I love how compact it is and how much it holds.

  12. I Love this! found you on Just something I whipped up!! New follower!! I think this would be a perfect shower/baby gift.

  13. What a smart idea. I love that is holds stuff. Multi-functional. Cute fabric too. Saw you on Today's Creative.

  14. That is such an awesome ideas. I know some moms who would love this! Perhaps I will see if I can make something similar. Very great idea. Thanks!

  15. I'm featuring this on Thursday for my Show & Share party. Please stop by and grab a featured button! ;)

  16. This. is. BRILLIANT!!! Too bad I'm past the bib stage. This is right up my alley! Great, great idea : )

  17. I LOVE this one & I wanna win :P
    My little man just turned 6 months & your pic is exactly the same baggie we pack for outings, so it made me smile to see yours! :) This package is such a great idea.
    I will use it for my little one - his name is Leland. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have stuff for boys!
    email: amanda4875 at



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