Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making a list and checking it twice {Christmas Gifts}

After reading Gwenny Penny's Handmade Christmas Gift List it inspired me to make my own.  As of now I have the list floating around in my head and this will be a great way to organize it.  This will be the first Christmas I am making this many gifts so I hope I actually end up getting them all done. 

The first gift is a Hot Iron Carrier.  I need to make at least 2 but more would be good to have on hand in case I need an extra gift. The tutorial is from Crap I've Made.

Next, is a Casserole Carrier.  I need to make one. The tutorial is from Moda Bakeshop.

Then I’ll whip up a Tied Fleece Blanket.  Using these directions.

I’d like to make 2 double potholders. This tutorial is from The Boy Trifecta.

I’d like to make at least one of these wallets.  The tutorial is from Quiltish.

And 2 of these make-up rolls.  The tutorial is from Freshly Picked.

Lastly, I'll probably whip up a couple of these coffee cozies for those coffee lovers. The tutorial is from All Things Heart & Home.

 I could add more but this seems like enough.  To top it off I am making an Advent Calendar with Homemade by Jill’s sew along.
Whew, I better get going!



  1. Thanks for the shout out, Erica! Good luck with your list. I love the double potholder and the wallet. I may need to add these to my list:)

  2. I given you an award! Check out at the link below:


  3. I love all of those, too! Great finds!

  4. Great list. Love your projects, new follower.



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