Monday, October 10, 2011

Birds, Birds, Birds!

I just had to share the cutest, tiniest, little Angry Bird Costume I just finished. 

Since this was for a newborn I don't have anyone to model it.  Since this size took substantially less material and a little less time I offered to add a pair of little matching pants.  I didn't feel right charging the same price I charge for much larger costumes.  In the future I'll probably need to have a different listing for small/ larger sizes. 

I used blanket binding around the top, so overall the cape with it's soft fleece and satin blanket binding feels like a comfy baby blanket! 

I just love how cute and tiny this project was! 

Here are some of the other Angry Birds that I've done (beside the original Red Bird)

My model wasn't feeling it so I couldn't get a good front view!
I just did another one of these and added the white "chin" under the beak. 

This was the cutest little 12-18 month cape!  I love how it turned out!

The black bomb!  This also had a black bird cape. 

I am starting to wind down, I finished taking orders on the 8th and am going to be completely finished by the end of this week- if all the stars align and no one, especially me, gets sick! 

I have an adorable 'Pumpkin Patch' outfit I made my little guy that I hope to share later this week! 
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  1. So cute, Erica! Your costumes are fantastic :)

  2. These are awesome, as are ALL your Angry Birds costumes! Do you sleep??? EVER?????

  3. What a nice costume!
    You're so creative, I think :)

    With loves.

  4. Oh no! How cute your son's (Jack) pumpkin shirt! I "must" have one made for Josh next Fall "and" a Birthday Boy shirt as well (b-day mid October). So glad I am friends with you!!! :) Deb

  5. Do you have a tutorial to make the angry bird costumes? Love to see it!!!!
    Also is the Black Bomb same as Might Eagle? Not sure but my grandson hooked on Angry Birds. Could Iadjust this for 7 year old?



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