Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Years Blog Resolution

I know it's a little late to just now be making a resolution but hey the month's not over yet!  The revelation came to me in the shower today {don't all good revelations come to us in the shower!}
After totally burning myself out with sewing gifts for Christmas {I need to learn to ease into things not go straight for the high dive!} I have had a hard time getting any motivation to make anything.  I literally open our office/sewing room/laundry sorting area, throw in a basket of laundry, and quickly shut the door.  Much of my lack of motivation was me procrastinating the clean up & organization of the mess that I called my sewing area!

Well, with that finally done I was still not finding any motivation (partly because of guilt for not posting & just wanting to give up).

Then today {in the shower} I thought,
**I don’t always have to post about crafting! **
There are so many great blogs that I follow who often post about their day to day life. It really helps you get to know them. 

So, my blog resolution is to just post.  Whether it’s a craft or sewing project or just something cute my kids did. 

I want to leave you will a cute Valentine's Idea that I'd like to try.  This is from Martha's wonderful site. You can see the tutorial here.

Aren't these cute?

For those of you who follow me- thanks for sticking with me! 


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  1. Erica, I couldn't agree with you more. I go days without posting when I haven't been able to make anything, but why can't I post about something non-craft related?!? Looking forward to getting to know you better:)



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