Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fabulous Felt Groceries!

Recently friends of ours invited us to their daughter’s first birthday party.  Being a mom of 2 boys I was giddy thinking of all the cute & creative little girl things that I see all over the blogging world but never get to make.  Then I came across this $10 shopping cart at Walmart and the decision was easy!  What 1 year old doesn’t LOVE pushing around anything! (Heck my 2 year old was sad to give it away!) Then my challenge was coming up with the felt food…Having a 2 year old and 4 month old I don’t have the time to “play” around. I was so lucky that I found this fabulous pattern for a set of groceries on Etsy.  They were a little time consuming (but much less than if I were going to try and go it on my own!) but I really enjoyed making everything.  They were really a hit at the party.  I am thinking that “Santa” might be making a set for our home this Christmas (if he…I mean she has time!) Here are some close ups:
Look at those adorable eggs! 
The essentials: Soup, corn, tuna, milk, butter, fish,
Even a reusable grocery bag!



  1. These turned out so great, Erica! I especially like the eggs. I've made a few felt food items for my daughter, and I definitely agree that they are time-consuming. I need to make some more food items for Christmas gifts. Nice work!

  2. Very cute! I've had all the pieces for this pattern cut out since last Christmas (Santa ran out of time last year) :) You are inspiring me to finish!



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